Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer: Advice on Mental and Spiritual Health

Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer: Advice on Mental and Spiritual Health


Two men have reached millions world wide and have gained respect as being two of the greatest ‘motivational speakers’, but their approach to life is quite opposite. These two men happen to be Tony Robbins, the famous self help expert, and Wayne Dyer, the spiritual ‘guru’ of our time.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins emphasizes that the brain is the controlling center of everything in your life, and above all he tries to get listeners to see that the brain can grant happiness to anyone that can carry out his principles. His entire philosophy is based around becoming the ‘best you can be’ and striving for excellence at all times, and he constantly remarks that only by doing this can only truly live a life of happiness and enjoyment. In his famous audio book “Awaken the giant within”, Tony Robbins gives the listener a step by step guide to a ‘better life’ and shows how the most important concept in life is “pain vs. pleasure”. Using this concept he shows how you can consciously manipulate the thoughts you have in response to certain events in your life to mean exactly what you want them to mean(emotionally that is). He starts by saying that all of our emotions and thoughts are in direct response to how we view events in our life and how we act in accordance with them. The key to practicing this philosophy is making yourself feel a specific emotion in response to a specific event or action so as to let your emotional state act how you would like in certain situations. This practice is very rational and ‘controlling’ as it lets you dictate how you want to feel and be in your life. I would refer this kind of living to anyone looking to better their lives as it definitely works!

Wayne Dyer

Quite the opposite in his approach, Wayne Dyer believes there is a peaceful state that anyone can reach as long as they look to further their relationship with the ‘source’. He commonly refers to this ‘source’ as the all encompassing energy that binds everything and everyone in the universe. His entire goal is to become closer to this ‘source’, thus reaching a higher state of consciousness. Dyer doesn’t like planning anything and his main philosophy is to let the world just act in it’s natural ‘way’ and sooner or later the things you want will undoubtedly be yours if you seek a higher consciousness through becoming closer to your ‘source’. Dyer uses meditation to help realign oneself with nature and help to manifest things in your life, and almost all of his philosophies are based upon some eastern belief such as Taoism. He believes that through ‘inaction’ and higher consciousness, anything is possible. His approach is in essence spiritual, but he also relies on some sort of action to get what one wants.

These two different men have two totally different approaches in achieving a better life for oneself, but they both rely on the user having a positive and healthy conscious throughout events and actions in ones life. The most important thing that they both explain is that to truly get what you want, you have to see it and have the ability to manifest the changes needed to get it. Knowledge and learning is their number one philosophy, making it apparent that the key to success, whether you choose to use one or the others personal teaching methods, is to make sure that your always learning and growing throughout life.

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